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Photo of Todd Litton, candidate for Texas SD 15, shaking hands with a young woman.
Todd Litton for Texas Senate quotation symbol

As your State Senator,
I will always fight for
our community.

Todd Litton for Texas Senate signature.

A Better Way

I am Todd Litton and I am running to serve Senate District 15 and to stand up to Greg Abbott and tell him to get out of the gutter and get back to work on the things that matter in Texans’ lives. 


Get out of our bedrooms and bathrooms! Get out of our doctor’s offices and schools! Get out of our libraries and voting booths!


People come to Texas to work and to thrive, and they deserve a government that will work for them, too. With experience in education, healthcare, law, and business, I am running to get to work and deliver real solutions to the issues facing Texas families and children: 


  • Access to high-quality education and childcare; 

  • Freedom to access full healthcare for women and for trans children and young adults and expansion of Medicaid in Texas like 40 other red and blue states have done;

  • Expanding economic opportunity and good paying jobs;

  • Improving our state’s infrastructure — electric grid, broadband, water access, flood and climate mitigation, roads, and mobility options — for our growth and success in the 21st century;

  • Ensuring equality, liberty, and justice for all.


Rather than invest in the health and well-being of Texans across the state, Greg Abbott, Dan Patrick, Ken Paxton, and too many MAGA Republicans in Austin have gotten us stuck in the gutter fighting Trump’s culture war and bullying the most vulnerable people in our communities. Greg Abbott says Washington doesn’t know what’s best for Texas — but Austin doesn’t know what’s best for Senate District 15.


We need a change! Let’s get out of the gutter and get to work on the issues that make a real difference in people’s lives. 


I’m running to serve in the Texas Senate because I believe the Lone Star State can shine much brighter. People come to Texas to build better lives for themselves and their families, and in doing so, they build a better community and state for us all. People come to Texas to work and to thrive, and they deserve a government that will work for them, too. Texans don’t want to be divided by these culture wars. 


There is no “Us vs. Them” – differences aren’t divisions. I know if we invest in increasing access to the things every single one of us needs to thrive – education, healthcare, opportunity, a sense of community, and security for ALL – then we can lead a better way forward for our country and our world.


Join me and our campaign to move Texas forward!

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